Participating in surveys

I want to continue filling in a questionnaire that I started on before. What should I do?

In your personal page, you can see which questionnaires you have not yet completed. As soon as the term for completion has expired, the questionnaire will be removed from the list automatically. You can also return to a questionnaire using the link provided in the invitation e-mail. You will always resume on the page where you left off and need not re-answer any questions you have already answered. 

How do I know if there is a survey that I can participate in?

You will receive an e-mail containing an invitation to take part in a survey. You can also see on your personal page which surveys are available for you.

I have registered for the UM Student Monitor, but I receive (almost) no invitations. Why is that?

There are a number of possible reasons:
1. Not everyone is invited for every survey. For some surveys, participants must match a certain profile (e.g. study at a particular faculty). It is therefore possible that your are invited less often than others, because we have been looking for participants with a different profile than yours.        
2. If you have never received an invitation for participation, we recommend that you check the e-mail address that you supplied at the time of registration. Perhaps you made a typing error during registration, or your e-mail address has changed since then. Your e-mail address and other personal details can be viewed and corrected, if necessary, on your personal page under the heading "Profile".
3. Our e-mails may be blocked by a spam filter. Invitations for surveys are always sent from helpdesk[-noSpam-@-noSpam-] Please ensure that this e-mail address is not considered a sender of unwanted e-mail.



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