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Twice a year, the catering locations are evaluated using this questionnaire. The comments below were expressed during the Flycatcher edition of May 2017. Based on these comments, Albron and Facility Services have followed through on a number of areas for improvement.

More organic and sustainable products
Albron has adjusted the product range so that the assortment of sandwiches on offer now includes organic options only. The beer and wine products served by Albron (Bakery and Banqueting) are 100% organic as well. 

Albron has developed ‘Yummy’ the butterfly for UM, which is a symbol for healthy eating and sustainability. Changes have been made to the packing materials for sandwiches in particular in order to reduce the amount of waste, and soup from the verspillingsfabriek (‘waste factory’) is also being offered. This soup is made from vegetables that previously would have been thrown away. Furthermore, Albron drives two electric vehicles for UM and a healthier choice is available in the vending machines.

Price is too high
This year we have begun offering Combideals (FFWD and M.RK.T), punch cards and a 10% discount on coffee if you bring your own mug (Bakery).

Changes to opening hours
The M.RK.T in TS53 is no longer closed between 14:00-16:30, and the FFWD at the University Library in the city centre is now open until 19:00 and even 20:00 during exam weeks.

Product knowledge and information about the products could be better
Albron is currently developing the Foodchecker app, which uses a QR scan to easily provide details about a product’s origin and other characteristics, as well as providing a calorie count and allergy information. This app is expected to be available for use within Maastricht University by the end of this year.

Despite these changes, there is always room for further improvements – so please let us know what we can do better! Are you are not yet a member and would you like to take part in the surveys? Then sign up here!

Posted by L. de Jong (Laura), M.Sc. on 3-11-2017

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