Catering customer satisfaction on the rise!

A customer satisfaction survey among students and staff was conducted over the past weeks on the catering services provided by Albron at UM. This latest survey showed that customer satisfaction is on the rise, with various scores relatively higher than in previous polls. To everyone who completed the survey: thank you! If you did not have a chance to complete the survey this time around but would like to do so in future, register with Flycatcher. Your feedback is essential to enable further improvements in the catering services as well as to align them with UM staff and student demand.

Based on the results of this latest survey, including the comments provided and the input gained through discussions with users, we have defined a number of areas for improvement that will be implemented in the period ahead.
• Salads: starting from next academic year, several main course salads will be offered in addition to the regular salad bar. More vegetarian options will also be added
• Vegetarian products: starting from next academic year, we will run various promotions that draw more attention to special vegetarian dishes
• Prices: the Get Chef's app is being introduced to offer student discounts while simultaneously combating food waste. The app offers discounts of 30% or more on food products that look unlikely to be sold. Students who want to buy a discounted item can order and pay via the app. The Get Chef’s app will also provide information about opening hours and daily specials
• Vending: not everyone is happy with the changes made via the Yummy platform to introduce healthier options in vending machines. We will be polling customer preferences at each location and adapting the product range to suit

We are pleased to report that the survey results also reveal users' recognition and appreciation of the improvements made after previous surveys. Among other things, Albron's major efforts on the customer service front have borne positive fruit. Also apparent is that new students are very enthusiastic about the catering services. In this light, we wish to invite all students and staff who have not visited the catering locations in a while to come and see what has changed.

The figures: 

Posted by S. Neijnens (Sanne), M.Sc. on 3-7-2018

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