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Twice a year, the catering locations are evaluated using this questionnaire. The comments below were expressed during the Flycatcher edition of May 2018. Based on these comments, Albron and Facility Services have followed through on a number of areas for improvement.

More vegetarian / vegan
Albron has adjusted the assortment so there is more choice in vegetarian and vegan areas. For example, there are vegan brownies available in the Bakery's and banqueting and you can get vegan salads, sandwiches, wok dishes, Daily meals and pizzas in the M.RK.T's. More and more students and staff are discovering this range and have become (part-time) vegetarian / vegan. New in the assortment is a tomato bar with candy tomatoes and Vegan Nice ice. The assortment of vegetarian salads, wraps and sandwiches has been expanded in the FFWD.

Reduce foodwaste
Since September, students of Maastricht University can use the Get Chef's app; the app where students can prevent food waste. Too many purchased or prepared products are offered with discount through this app, so that guests can eat more cheaply.

Get Chef's is the pioneer in the reduction of food waste. For companies, they develop smart online tools to realize this. Get Chef's also supports the Food Bank by transferring 0.10 per transaction to the food bank.

More hot snacks @ FFWD
There was a great demand for hot snacks at the FFWD, especially at UBs. Based on this, a microwave has been installed at the UB in Randwyck and the range has been expanded with a number of sandwiches with hot toppings and grilled cheese sandwichs.

Despite these changes, there is always room for further improvements so please let us know what we can do better! Are you are not yet a member and would you like to take part in the surveys? Then sign up here!

Posted by S. Neijnens (Sanne), M.Sc. on 2-11-2018

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