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On behalf of UM and Albron Flycatcher examines the satisfaction of students and employees about the catering services within UM twice a year. With a higher response than last measurement and again a higher grade (7.1), the research was a success. Thank you for filling in and your valuable feedback!
Because of the feedback from these surveys, the vegetarian / vegan assortment has been greatly expanded over the past year, the Get Chef app has been introduced for reducing food waste and the assortment in the FFWDs is more focused on hot snacks. Last November a new measurement took place with a score of 7.1 as a result. This score is one-tenth higher than the score in May 2018 (then 7.0), which continues the increase of customer satisfaction in the past two years.
Based on the answers and comments, in the next six months there will be focus on the following topics:
1. Further development of the vegan assortment: for example within the bakeries you can now opt for soy milk in your cappuccino.
2. More attention for healthy eating: for example “the tomato tap” in the mensa (healthy snacking).
3. Banqueting: even more focus on the ordering, communication and production process to manage increasing orders at peak times.
Also good to see that the response of the study was significantly higher than during the previous measurements; an increase of 7% of the employees and 16% of the students who are members of Flycatcher.

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Posted by S. Neijnens (Sanne), M.Sc. on 7-12-2018

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