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Twice a year, the catering locations are evaluated using this questionnaire. Based on the comments during previous Flycatcher surveys, Albron and Facility Services have implemented a number of points for improvement:

More Theme Weeks
In the previous Flycatcher questionnaire there was a demand for more theme weeks. Recently the Week without meat, Sustainable Foodweeks, Um's next Top chef cooking competition, RAG week, Valentine week (with a valentine’s Heart-shaped Pizza!) and the international weeks have been organized.

More vegetarian / vegan
Albron is constantly updating their product range so there is more choice in the vegetarian and vegan area. For example, vegan brownies are available in the Bakery's and via the banqueting and vegan apple pie is soon available. Within the M.RK.Ts, changing dishes and specials are available daily at the wok, pizza, soups and daily meals. Within Randwyck, 65% of the items sold already consist of vegetarian, vegan or healthier choices. More and more students and employees are discovering this range and have become (part-time) vegetarian / vegan. Within the FFWD, the range of healthier sweets has been expanded further after all the enthusiastic responses in the last months.

Reduce waste
On April 29 at TS53 a pilot with the UM up will start. The UMcup is the most recent prize winner of the SDG competition at the opening of the academic year. Here you pay a small deposit for your sustainable and reusable coffee cup. In addition, disposable coffee cups are disappearing at more and more locations because UM employees are bringing their own coffee cup and a pilot will be conducted until the end of the academic year with separate collection of organic waste in the mensa of the UNS40.

Despite these changes, there is always room for further improvements – so please let us know what we can do better! Are you are not yet a member and would you like to take part in the surveys? Then sign up here!

Posted by S. Neijnens (Sanne), M.Sc. on 23-4-2019



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