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On behalf of UM and Albron Flycatcher examines the satisfaction of students and employees about the catering services within UM twice a year. This time the survey had a higher response than the same survey last year, the satisfaction score is 7.0. Thank you for your valuable feedback!          
Thanks in part to the feedback from these surveys, the vegetarian and vegan assortment has been further developed in the past year and there have been a number of campaigns on this subject (for example, the sustainable food weeks). In addition, steps have been taken in the field of waste reduction and a number of actions have been taken (such as UM's next Top Chef).

Based on the answers and comments, the following topics will be focused on in the coming six months:

Quality of the sandwiches.
The sandwiches will be further developed in the coming months. Both in the context of vegetarian and vegan sandwiches as well as more variation in the types of toppings and the choices of the sandwich type.

Knowability of the concepts and departments.
At the start of the new academic year, a fun action is organized with an information booklet and attractive coupons, allowing the students to become acquainted with the various concepts. There will also be better communication at which locations students and staff can find Albron.

More healthy and sustainable food.
The sustainable and meatless food weeks will be continued. During these weeks there will be even more attention to healthy and sustainable food.

Despite these changes, there is always room for further improvements so please let us know what we can do better! Are you not yet a member and would you like to take part in the surveys? Then sign up here!


Posted by S. Neijnens (Sanne), M.Sc. on 21-6-2019



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