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Twice a year, the catering locations are evaluated using an online questionnaire. Based on the comments during previous Flycatcher surveys, Albron and Facility Services have implemented a number of points for improvement:

The use of plastic is being pushed back further and further. For the Banqueting activities instead of plastic cups, we only offer paper cups and the plastic coffee cups are being removed at more and more locations. We continue to encourage users to use their own reusable coffee cup.

We have also started collaborating with the Too Good To Go app, where we are reducing waste and offering lunches and meals for 30% of the normal sales value. The now popular Magic Boxes are filled with good products that are approaching their best-before date, but are still of excellent quality.

Quality of the sandwiches
The baguettes in the departments have been greatly improved in terms of quality, because we have added a cracking fresh white and brown baguette to the assortment. We also adjusted the price of € 3.10 to € 3.00 for a baguette with toppings of your choice. 

More themes
In addition to the sustainable and meatless food week, we have organized a cooking competition in which our guests could cook their favorite dish for a jury. We have sold the winning dish in the departments and part of the earnings is donated to the charity “Het Hart voor Longen Meierijstad”. This charity has been designated by the winner Cas Renders. After the summer we have retained the holiday feeling for a while with international food weeks combined with a fun saving campaign.

Despite these changes, there is always room for further improvements – so please let us know what we can do better! Are you are not yet a member and would you like to take part in the surveys? Then sign up here!

Posted by S. Neijnens (Sanne), M.Sc. on 5-11-2019

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