Results survey restaurant & catering May 2012

Flycatcher carries out surveys on behalf of Maastricht University and Albron twice a year, to assess the level of satisfaction of students and employees with the restaurant and catering services. Almost five hundred students and almost four hundred employees from Maastricht University participated in the survey in May 2012.

Maastricht University has two restaurants: one in Randwyck and one on the Tongersestraat. Four fifths of the students and almost two thirds of the employees sometimes visit a restaurant. The overall assessment for the restaurants is an average of 6.5 (on a 10-point scale). The assessment for the restaurant in Randwyck is an average of 6.6 and for the restaurant in the Tongersestraat 6.3.

Students and employees are most satisfied with the following aspects of the restaurant:
- variety of drinks
- presentation of products
- variety of products
- quality of bread/filled rolls
- temperature of products
- portion sizes
- staff's personal care
- speed with which one is served at the buffet
- possibility of taking meals or products elsewhere
- helpfulness and friendliness of staff
- atmosphere and presentation in the seating area
- climate and comfort of the seating area

There are, however, a number of aspects regarding the restaurant with which students and employees a less satisfied:
- range of healthy products
- price level of products
- quality of raw vegetables/salads
- quality of hot meals
- opening hours of the restaurant
- indication of individual products and prices
- waiting time at the cash register

Coffee corners
Maastricht University has four coffee corners: in Randwyck, on the Tongersestraat, in the University Library (Grote Looiersstraat) and on the Bouillonstraat. The overall assessment for the coffee corners is an average of 7.2. The assessment for the coffee corner in Randwyck is an average of 7.4, for the Tongersestraat an average of 7.3, for the University Library an average of 6.7 and for the Bouillonstraat an average of 6.8.
They are most satisfied about hygiene/cleanliness, the quality of the products and the ambience of the coffee corner. An aspect that students and employees find very important, but with which they were less satisfied, was the price level of products.

Banqueting is also part of the restaurant and catering services. Banqueting is responsible for the catering of special activities such as meetings, receptions, buffets and department drinks. The overall assessment of banqueting by organisers is an average of 6.7 and by guests an average of 6.6. Aspects with which employees are most satisfied is hygiene, the completeness of delivery and the possibility of changing the order. Temperature of hot meals and price level are the main points of interest for banqueting.

Vending machines
Seven out of ten of the employees use the free coffee machines in the departments. This group reported an overall assessment of 5.5 for the coffee machines. The results show that more than half of them feel that the quality of the coffee (variants), tea and chocolate milk is not good. Furthermore, almost one quarter is dissatisfied with the variety of products. More than eighty percent is however satisfied with the refill, tracking failures and the cleaning of the machines. The commercial vending machines for sweets, soft drinks and coffee received an average of 6.9 from students and employees.

What is Maastricht University going to do with the results of the survey?
The results of the Flycatcher survey was discussed in detail by General and Technical Services and Albron. These discussions led to a number of adjustments in services and product selection. For example, a new procedure has been developed recently for the preparation of filled rolls and adjustments have been introduced in the product selection and the price level of Banqueting. Starting this academic year, the coffee machines for employees will be filled with Fair Trade (ecological) coffee with a stronger flavor. Ideas are also being developed for completely new catering concepts, which will meet the needs of UM students and employees better. Recently the Inner City Library opened a new facility called FFWD (Fast Forward). It is a 'to-go' concept, where students and staff can go for fresh sandwiches, salads and a wide range of food and non-food items. In the future, we also expect to present new concepts for the current restaurants and coffee corners. It is Albron's and the UM's ambition to achieve better satisfaction results for the above-mentioned points of action than is currently the case.

Posted by S. Neijnens (Sanne), M.Sc. on 10-9-2012

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